About Us

My love for plants started when I was a child growing up in agricultural south Florida. My grandmother had me do chores around her yard which included planting pineapple tops, taking rose cuttings, and mixing potting soil. I helped her pick Antidesma (Antidesma bunius) berries for her famous jelly and collected four o'clock seeds from her flower beds. At home I discovered that our Yellow Tabebuia tree (Tabebuia aurea ) would drop hundreds of seeds all over our yard and I began growing these seeds into young trees and selling them to my relatives. In high school agriculture we grew Scaevola from cuttings for the Florida Department of Transportation and this is when I realized that I enjoyed making money playing in the dirt.

Boy Scouts, hunting, fishing, and conservation have guided my interests into growing native plants. Saw Palmettos, live oaks, pine trees, sabel palms, and bald cypress are some of my favorite plants in native Florida.